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Tong Hui

802 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tong Hui 802 days ago
Other LUG involved, Tianjin LUG and Hebei LUG will be invited.
  • Location Candidates
Hackfest (15:00~17:00)
Birthday Party (17:00~23:00)
858 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tong Hui , Justin Wong 858 days ago
Tong H SFD2015-TUNA
清华大学 TUNA 协会
Date & Time: Sept. 19, 14:00 - 17:00
Location: 清华大学 TBD
  • Introduction to TUNA (by Justin Wong)
  • Philosophy of Running Open Source Community (by tonghuix)
  • Encrypt your Internet (by biergaiz)
  • How Debian Community Runs (by Aron Xu) (TBC)
  • GPG Signing Party
  • Fedora Demos
WiFi access points:
DIVI & DIVI-2 - CERNET2 IPv4 over pure IPv6 experimental network
ChinaNet - mobile phones (including China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom)
  • 自由软件的四个自由
  • 对称加密和非对称加密的区别
  • GPL v3 和 v2 的区别
Justin W
  • GPG 好处都有啥?谁说对了就给他。
1088 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tong Hui , Jason Lau , Persmule Gnu , Tom Li , Yujiang BI , 乐群 陈 1088 days ago
Tom L “GPG 好处都有啥?谁说对了就给他。” 
“对称加密不发达,必须用它把密加。邮件了 GPG,加密强度两千八,机密再也不会被美国破解啦!” 
(小鬼子真不傻,GPG 给了他,对美国安全危害大,绝不能给他。) 
Add your GPG Public Key Here
Jason L Jason Lau (刘家昌, 清华计42, 2014011307) <i@dotkrnl.com>:
  • pub   4096R/A148DFBA 2014-08-08 [expires: 2015-08-08]
  •       Key fingerprint = 5942 EF0B C435 62AA 0156  429D 0D82 B2B8 A148 DFBA
  • uid                  Jason Lau (Jia Chang LIU) <i@dotkrnl.com>
  • sub   4096R/B6E2F5D0 2014-08-08 [expires: 2015-08-08]
Persmule G Persmule GNU <persmule@gmail.com>
pub   4096R/6DD067C1 2013-07-23
密钥指纹 = 0E31 635A ED5F B40A 7EDD  9206 6BF7 7926 6DD0 67C1
uid                  Xie Tianming (a GNUist) <persmule@gmail.com>
sub   4096R/08FF4434 2013-07-23
Tom L pub   4096R/E88E8D6D 2015-01-01
密钥指纹 = 2552 11B2 395A 5A3E 0E48  A0F1 FAD3 EB05 E88E 8D6D
uid       [ 未知 ] Yifeng Li (Tom Li) <biergaizi@member.fsf.org>
sub   4096R/01EE20CD 2015-01-01
sub   4096R/26DC385B 2015-01-01
Yujiang B Yujiang Bi at darkshell.me
pub   4096R/CA68BDA0 2015-01-24 [expires: 2017-01-24]
      Key fingerprint = 576A 793F 4F85 654B 130C  7F7F 62B0 C31A CA68 BDA0
uid       [ultimate] Yujiang Bi (darkshell.me) <byujiang@gmail.com>
sub   4096R/42E2D4F3 2015-01-24 [expires: 2017-01-24]
乐群 陈 Lequn Chen (abcdabcd987) 陈乐群,上交2014级ACM班:
  • pub   4096R/BCF6FF12 2014-08-15 [有效至:2016-08-14]
  • 密钥指纹 = 63D5 8D16 7E1E 54FC 6CFE  2EA4 7975 39A8 BCF6 FF12
  • uid                  Lequn Chen (abcdabcd987) <i@abcdabcd987.com>
  • sub   4096R/803C7FC5 2014-08-15 [有效至:2016-08-14]

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